Military / Irans S-75 SA-2 sites

Irans S-75, SA-2 sites

Iran has Soviet and Chinese made S-75 missiles. Iran has produced Sayyad-1, Sayyad-1A and Sayyad-2 missiles that are S-75 clones. S-75 is command guided. Sayyad-1A has infrared hoaming.

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Near Bushehr Site: 28.9721341N 50.9936052E
There is radar in the center of the site. Probably P-40

Tehran Site: 35.705992N, 51.07949E

Tabriz (probably no in anti-air use) Site: 37.967975N, 46.178603E

Bandar-e Abbs Site:  27.171527, 56.173332

Kashan Site: 33.886021, 51.589919
There is Fan Song radar in the center of the site.

Shahr-e Qods Site: 35.455405N, 51.279041E
The site 25 Jan. 2013.