Military / Iranian SA-6 sites

Iranian SA-6 sites

Iranian SA-6 surface to air missile site. The image shows 3 transporter erector launchers in the corners of the site. Fire control radar is in the center of the site. Various other equipment are in the eastern side of the site.
33.701395N 51.866798E

Close to the site there are several underground shields. They may be for storaging missiles and or other material.
One scenario: Missile launchers, radars and other stuff are stored to underground shields and they are ready to use after taken from the shields. The missile site, descripted before, is just decoy.
33.713256N, 51.865205E

Another site with same kind of layout.
33.76106N, 51.651412E

These first two sites protect Natanz nuclear facility.

Site with several places for launchers and radars. Some places are occupied with radar and missile launchers. It may be that the installations are only decoys and real missile launchers and radar are brought to the empty places if war starts.
The site protects Fordow nuclear facility (Near the city of Qom.).
34.906923N, 51.025797E