Military / Irans military industry

Irans military industry

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Indivisual combat industries group Small arms ammunition
Light weapons
Land mines
Section 1
Ammunition & metallurgy industries group Medium Caliber, Aircraft and Anti Aircraft Ammunition
Naval Ammunition
Mortar Bombs
Tank & Anti Tank Ammunition
Field Artillery Ammunition
Miscellaneous Items (Fuzes, Detonators, Primers & Demolition Materials)
Section 2
Rocket industries group   Section 3
Armament industries group   Section 4
Vehicle & equipment industries group   Section 5
Chemical industries group   Section 6
Special industries group   Section 7
Ammunition & metallurgy industries group
  Section 8

Identifying Small Arms and RPGs Produced in Iran U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center Identifying_Small_Arms_and_RPGs_Produced_in_Iran.pdf
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