Military / Shayrat air base in Syria

Shayrat air base in Syria before US cruise missile strike in the morning of 7 April 2017.
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Images of destroyed base August 2017.

34.4948116N, 36.9119629E

A new cover has been made for the runway.
A weird square pattern has been made to the area of the whole base.

34.492535N, 36.8920409E

Several marks of a fire can be seen in the a satellite image

34.4990792N, 36.8958878E

34.5031923N, 36.901274E

34.4822025N, 36.9240222E

A bomb craters are visible in the roofs of hangars. One hangars corner has been collapsed.

34.4869968N, 36.9253034E

34.4973325N, 36.9084503E