Military / Yemeni S-75 SA-2 sites

Yemeni S-75, SA-2 Site 1
14.749527N, 42.959998E

Yemeni SA-2 surface to air missile site. The image shows launchers, central bunker and other bunker in the low right of the image. The other bunker may be place for early warning radar. In the right corner of the launch site there are three barrel shape objects. These may be missile storage tubes.

Yemeni S-75, SA-2 Site 2
15.367171N, 44.12892E

Yemeni SA-2 surface to air missile site. There are 6 launchers, central bunker and  Fang Song radar in the center of the image. A single missile is storaged in the low right from the central bunker. Other similar storage areas are around the central bunker. There is other radar in the low lest corner of the image. The radar is P-12 or P-18 VHF early warning radar.