Military / Irans submarines

Irans submarines
Other Irans naval units can be found here.

2 Kilo-class submarines in dock. Click photo to enlarge
27.142734N, 56.216199E

The dock  12. Jan. 2013.

Kilo-class submarine on dry dock. Image from Google Earth 10. Nov. 2014.

Kilo class submarine (Click to enlarge)

Base for small submarines. Click photo to enlerge.
27.140259, 56.212012

The small submarine base 30. Nov. 2012.

Qaaem class submarine under construction (Click to enlarge) . Nobody knows that is this just propaganda or real submarine project.

April 2017

A new kind of submarine spotted at Bandar Abbas. The submarine is on the left of the image and on the right Iranian Kilo Class submarine for comparison. Click to enlarge.