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Iranian Fake Aircraft Carrier

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27.05473N, 55.9730151E

Iranian fake aircraft carrier Gachin shipyard near Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf. The fake carrier resembles Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The fake carrier might be blown up, either as a target practice or for propaganda purposes.

The carrier is moved to another location. The image is from Google Earth at 11. March 2015.
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The carrier is now in Bandar Abbas. It is the same place where Iranian Kilo-class submarines are located. The image is from Google Earth at 11. March 2015.
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Location: 27.141667N, 56.2019E

Iran destroys mock U.S. aircraft carrier in naval wargames
On Feb. 25, a mock U.S. aircraft carrier, was destroyed by missiles launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps missiles during the IRGC Navy’s massive Payambar-e Azam 9 (The Great Prophet 9) drills in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

The carrier has returned to Bandar Abbas. The corner of the carrier is destroyed and probaply it is under repair. Image from Google Map 18. May 2015.
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Link to the location.

In July 2015 the carrier has again been transported to another unknown place.

In September 2015 the carrier appears again in Bandar Abbas.
27.1337141N, 56.1965786E